As a gorgeous mess walking in a daze, I search high and low for a way out. There it is, so far yet so close. I stride slowly, for I'm afraid that it will fade away all to soon.
-Unknown 'aka' ME, Jordan.

Only Living Life Madly

Are We Living or Are We Just Playing a Role ?


#This could be us but you keep calling the police


1. A snap of the amazing Avocado toast with poached eggs served at the Ace Hotel (Downtown LA)

2. My ideal summer snack - Peanut butter on wholewheat toast with assorted fruit. (Plate from Anthropologie)

3.My ideal lunch - This was taken from our recent trip to New Mexico

4. Last weekend’s team brunch with The Style Line’s graphic designer Jane Espiritu and summer intern Laine Kisiel at CAFE ORLIN

5.A snap from my recent coffee date with Samantha Andriano at Jack’s Wife Freda.


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-RS x  


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